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Real Estate Myths: Real Estate Agent or Investor?

Join Desiree Savory, an experienced technology coach, and Joseph Petrie, a highly experienced Real Estate Broker, for an enlightening exploration into the hidden aspects of real estate. Their combined knowledge spans from leveraging technology in property analysis to understanding the intricate landscape of real estate brokerage. Whether you're considering a dive into real estate investment or pondering the path to becoming a licensed agent, their insightful guidance will illuminate potential pitfalls and provide practical strategies for success. They offer an opportunity to uncover the unknown unknowns of real estate, those critical pieces of information you weren't even aware you needed, ensuring you are better equipped to navigate this multifaceted industry.

For a single one-hour investment of $150, you will have direct access to Desiree Savory and Joseph Petrie. They will answer your pressing questions, dispel your doubts, and provide invaluable insights into the world of real estate. This session could potentially save you thousands of dollars in avoidable mistakes and wasted time, providing you with the knowledge and strategies needed for your real estate endeavors. It's an investment in your own future, a small price to pay for the wealth of expertise at your disposal. Whether you're looking to invest or become a licensed real estate agent, this session will ensure that you're well-prepared for the journey ahead.

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