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Reporting from the Chicken Coop- Living in Downtown Houston

If living in Downtown Houston is your cup of tea, put on a pot of hot water, and let's chat. Downtown Houston is zipcode 77002. The primary boundaries are Pierce to the Southwest, I-10 to the Northeast, I-45 to the West, and HWY 59 to the East.

Highrise Living will be the home of choice. In zipcode 77002 condo units range from $139,000 for a studio up to $1,650,000 for a 3 bedroom 3 bath. In addition to your monthly note, you have a monthly fee, Homeowners Association Fee, HOA. This fee could range from $392 up to $2,629 a month. Prices vary depending on the amenities covered.

Properties in Downtown Houston, 77002 give you a wide variety of architecture from the 1900s to the more recent construction of the 2000s. Properties include 2016 Main, St Germane Lofts, Bayou Lofts, Kirby Lofts, Capitol Lofts, Franklin Lofts, Commerce Towers, Marlowe, The Rise, and The Edge.

If ownership is not a possibility you might choose to rent. Rents in Downtown Houston zipcode 77002 range from $1200 for a one bedroom to $7,650 for 4 bedroom 4 bath

If you wish additional information visit Downtown Houston Living or give us a call @ 832-521-1506

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