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You said what?

“In the beginning was the word” your word is very powerful. Speaking involves coordination between the brain, muscles, and the respiratory system. Human communication, allows us to convey thoughts, and emotions, and engage in social interactions. The sound waves travel through the air looking for a sympathetic ear. In other words, you send a vibration out into the world. Speaking your word into creation. In our disconnection to the power of the WORD, we move through the world with garbage coming out of our mouths. One example is people today proudly promote that they have a side hustle, This makes you a hustler. There are several attributes of being a hustler to be proud of. However, a hustler is often described as a person who is skilled at getting what they want, usually through cleverness, resourcefulness, and sometimes even unscrupulous means. So it is time to spit the marbles out of your mouth and speak with clarity, and conscious intentions. and let the world hear you and see what comes back.

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