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The Second Ward- Houston, Texas-zip code 77002,77003,77007,77009,77011

Updated: Mar 1

Day 95 in my legacy Journal Project 2 The Wards of Houston, Texas. Today we discover the Second Ward a historic district located in the eastern part of downtown Houston.. It is also known as the Segundo Barrio or El Segundo, which means "the second neighborhood" in Spanish. The area is bounded by Buffalo Bayou, Lockwood Avenue,, the Gulf Freeway, and Downtown

The Second Ward was originally settled by German and Hispanic immigrants in the late 19th century and has since become a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. The area has a rich cultural heritage and is home to several landmarks, including Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the original Ninfa's Restaurant, and the historic Harrisburg-Sunset

Today's Second Ward is experiencing a period of revitalization and redevelopment, with new businesses and residential developments being established in the area. However, the neighborhood also faces challenges such as gentrification and displacement of long-time

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