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Chicken Little is a character in a children's story from the 1800s that predicts calamity

Chicken Little runs through the barnyard telling his friends "the sky is falling" Why do you ask? Something fell on his head so therefore the sky is falling. Home buyers for Downtown Houston, Montrose, The Houston Heights, Rice Military, and EADO should stop listening to or reading the news about "the sky is falling" when it comes to Houston Real Estate. I know home interest rates are up, the cost of Houston Real Estate is up, and Houston real estate inventory is at an all-time low. If all the talk about a Real Estate crash in Houston is going to stop you from achieving the American Dream maybe you should continue renting or stay in your existing home. Don't be a Chicken Little because the sky is not falling.

We will be reporting from the Chicken Coop about the reality of Houston Texas and Harris County Real Estate. So stay tuned.

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