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Changing the conversation about "Afordable Housing"

Today is Day 83 in my Legacy Journal I am starting the process of getting into action on Legacy Project #1- The goal is to change the conversation around the subject of “Affordable Housing”. Over the last few months, I spoke with waitresses and waiters, Corporate and working-class people from 80-20. I asked one question. “What comes to mind when I say “Affordable Housing” OMG I was shocked but not really surprised. Ghetto, high crime, substandard buildings, a place where underprivilege people of color live, illegals living off the government, too lazy to work, welfare, They want the government to take care of them and all their children, food stamps, drain on the American Tas Payers OMG the language and The heat on the subject matter was all over the place over two words “affordable Housing” Today on the 83 day March 25, 2023, I meat with #James Fernandes to share my thought,

put pen to paper, and get on the court building “Affordable Housing” while changing the conversation Plans and elevations to come in a few weeks for investors to reach out to me

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