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As Long as She Waves:

It comes to what makes America so unique. is the spirit of celebrating the freedom to choose. When paying commissions, it’s all a matter of choice. Commissions are and have always been negotiable.  A seller Commission is negotiated and made clear while signing a listing agreement with the client. Buyers enter an agreement with the agent when signing, in the State of Texas, A Buyer's Tenant Representation Agreement. Before reviewing these documents, in the State of Texas, ALL agents are required by Law to review broker responsibilities with the IABS (Information about Broker Responsibilities)

What is happening now reminds me of the days when attorneys drove around looking for buildings that were not handicap-compliant and bringing lawsuits.  We as a professional organization needed to police our agents who were being neglectful of their fiduciary duties. I wonder if they know the meaning of the word.  There is a lot of blame to go around. However, Stop the madness Some States independently from NAR had these systems in place.  I am proud of my State and Proud to be a REALTOR. Keep in mind before you kick this can down the street in these United States buyers have a choice not to choose your house, they buy. #Realtors #texasrealestate #houstonrealestate

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